How to spend less money when everything is increasingly expensive, is a question that may be overwhelming you but does not worry anymore, we will tell you the steps to make your salary pay better.

In this article, we will give you a series of steps that you did not know to make your spending more efficient.

In this the saving of money and healthy household finances, everything is about making the discipline your best ally without limiting you and without stopping doing what you like most, to make your spending something that mortifies you less.

How to spend less money

1. Record your expenses

A first step when starting to save and have liquidity is to know what you spend. Have you ever wondered where the money you charge every fifteen days is going?   of at least fifteen days in order to know what you are spending your salary on.

It may sound very extreme, but it is important that you register from transportation to tips.

A monthly record that includes how much it cost you to wash the car, eat out, coffee, cigarettes, gas, subway, magazines, super and payment of services such as rent, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and Credit cards can help you know what are the most expensive aspects of the life you lead.

To achieve this you can make an expense log in which you record all these capital outflows. This document can be done in a spreadsheet on the computer or if you do not like technology so much, in a notebook in which you will record all these details.

It may sound like an obsessive trait, but over time you will also know if the expenses you make represent an investment or something useless. Doing it with constancy is one of the keys to start.

2. Do a damage assessment

Suppose you already did the exercise suggested above. How much did you spend in fifteen days or in a full month? that you have a fortnight of $ 5 thousand pesos and you spent $ 5 thousand 500, in what did you spend that difference?

Only you know it, but an example, let’s say it was in cafes in an establishment that serves very good espresso.  

It is about $ 500 pesos that you do not have and that if you are using them, they surely come from a credit card. Be reasonable, are the cafés of that establishment indispensable to survive? Probably not.

In this way you can establish a solution to this expense, can not you buy a thermos, prepare your own coffee and take it with you? Of course, and that is just a first step to get rid of unnecessary expenses.

When doing this evaluation you will realize that there are hundreds of things that you do not need to live like the coffee of your favorite brand, the cigars (that besides everything they do you badly)   or the subscriptions to services that you rarely use. Put in place a plan to eliminate these exits from your income!

3. Set goals and rules in the game

Now that you have identified why you are spending so much, surely the next goal is to start spending less. To achieve this you must ask yourself how much less you want to spend? For what and for how long?

By answering these questions you can start setting rules for this new game.

Set long-term goals to achieve your goals. For example, let’s say you want to raise money to buy a new car. In that case, you must set a goal that includes paying the down payment or the cash payment.

So, suppose you need to save $ 500 pesos a fortnight. You can do it as long as you know how much it will cost what you want to buy.

If you have followed the suggestions we have made to the letter, then you can start saving to reach your goal. Once you have eliminated the things that (really) you do not need, you will realize that there are balances in your favor and you can allocate them to the fulfillment of your objective.

4. Buy only what is necessary

Imagine that you are in the mall for a family weekend and suddenly one of those things that you love to buy but do not need, for example, a TV, a collection of books or movies or a makeup kit (in taste) appears genres are broken). All you have to do is resist temptation.

We all have something that we love and that triggers our desire to buy. It is important that you identify those things that are your weakness when you go to the mall to be able to put into practice the art of “resisting temptation”.

It’s not about getting frustrated, it’s about recognizing that you’ll always have time to make that purchase and that you do not want to do it for the time being. When there are many temptations around you it is best to resist and be aware of what we really need.

Remember that the euphoria of a day of purchase can become the sentence of the next 18 months so it is better to think about it more than once before going to action.

5. You must be aware of what you deserve

You must also be sensible to yourself. There are many people who think “I work very hard and therefore I deserve this taste” and it is not about that. To deserve something is to carry out the basic needs of the home and see the satisfaction that this can produce.

Do you deserve to be in debt because you spent in a real emergency when you did not have money? Or do you deserve to live on money borrowed from others?

When you deserve something nice, it’s like that because you’ve planned it and because you’ve left your desires resolved: you must learn to be patient and wait for what you want.

While it is true that you can have everything you want at the same time, the consequences of this can be very negative. Remember that there are people around you that depend in some way or another on your financial decisions.

Whether it is your children or your marriage, these people not only need you, but they have to know that you are well, and getting into debt can be just the opposite.

6. Plan purchases and payments

It is very possible that when you go to the supermarket buy more than you had thought if the cart fits more and more then why not fill it. But think: how much of what you have does not need it? Plan your purchases or payments.

By sticking to your list you prevent things like throwing food because it has already expired or buy things that will be in the packaging for more than a year. You must be aware of the extent of the things your family uses and naturally learn to save at home.

You do not need a kilo of toothpaste to wash your teeth or a full bottle of mop cleaner all over your house so you have to measure yourself in the portions you use for certain products.

Also, you should also plan to buy appliances or larger things like cars. Do you need those things now or can you wait?

For example, it is very common for people to buy items like a juice extractor and never use it, and that can also be an electric oven, a toaster or a waffle maker.

Think twice before buying this type of artifact and do not fall for advertising as attractive as it is. Do not forget to plan the payment of the services of your house such as rent, gas, electricity, and water and distribute them throughout the month. That can make the way you spend more than a week more efficient.

7. Take advantage of discounts

When it comes to flying leisure and our free time is essential to take into account what we can spend on this. But there are hundreds of places that offer discount programs: to travel, go to a restaurant, the theater, the cinema, or even a spa.

Buying one of these services impulsively can be a heavy expense, unlike when you plan and reserve early. In addition, there are many platforms and apps through which you can find interesting offers and prices with which we can save a lot.

You can search what you like and download a discount coupon. In addition, government agencies have agreements with several establishments to offer discounts to employees to benefit the family economy.

The other and the not less important option is to make purchases at times when department stores sometimes reduce their merchandise by up to 50%.

8. Know the “Do it yourself”

There are hundreds of things that can be done with the methodology known as “do it yourself”. For example, suppose that in one of those emergencies that arise in the home, one of the water faucets in the sink has a leak because it broke.

If that happens the first thing that comes to mind is to call a plumber, who will fix it and pay for labor and materials. Why not save us this step and that money?

Currently, the Internet offers hundreds of tools so that from home we can see how to fix various problems such as leaks, cleaning tasks, and so on.

Of course, there will be activities that involve having someone specialized to carry it out due to the degree of complexity. But before contacting someone, try to do it yourself, you will be surprised what you can do.

Remember that you can always spend less and consider financing alternatives for projects that you have in mind.

For example, if you want to start a business you can save and supplement those actions with a request for a loan payday online. The goal is that you have a continuous march towards success.