October 2012

Parking spaces

Forrest General adds 1,024 new parking spaces


Thousands of employees, visitors, patients and family members come and go every day at Forrest General, making parking space a valuable commodity. Starting October 1, Forrest General continues its efforts to create a positive experience for visitors and employees with additional parking including over 1,000 new spaces!

Forrest General offers several parking options for patients and visitors, including ground floor parking lots and parking garages. Signage is placed around the parking lot and Forrest General Public Safety Officers patrol regularly and are available to assist you, if needed.

For patients and visitors:

Adeline parking lot (located on the south side of the hospital along Gordon’s Creek)

Forrest General’s newest parking lot; available to patients, visitors and employees:

  • 1,024 new places on five levels!
  • 18 ADA spaces and 3 spaces accessible to ADA vans on level 1, as well as a few spaces reserved for parking motorcycles.
  • Four entrances and two two-level connecting bridges between this and the 28th Avenue parking garage.
  • Level 4 of this garage is reserved for patients and visitors (no staff parking), so that they can access the Pedestrian Walkway.
  • Three elevators that transport to the 5 levels of the garage.
  • An open-air pedestrian walkway connects the 4th level of the Adeline parking garage to the third-floor lobby of the main hospital building.
  • If you are not using the pedestrian bridge, people parking in this garage can use the walkways across Gordon’s Creek to access the sidewalk from the main entrance.

Main entrance parking lot (located off Highway 49)

  • This bundle is for patients and visitors only and is ideal for visitors who will only be in the hospital for a short time.
  • ADA spaces reserved for people with disabilities and several spaces reserved for visiting clergy.
  • Convenient for the cafeteria, gift shop, lobby and for visiting all patient rooms.

28th Avenue parking lot (located in the outpatient registration hall)

  • Reserved for patients and visitors
  • Three levels of parking with ADA spaces reserved for people with disabilities on each level.
  • Convenient level 1 for: outpatient check-in area, medical records and other first floor areas.
  • Convenient level 2 for: surgery waiting rooms and ICU/CCU on the second floor.
  • Upper Level: For those visiting or receiving care at The Family Birthplace, which is on the 4th floor of the hospital.
  • Please note that there is no direct access from the parking garage to the 3rd floor of the hospital.

Central parking lot (adjacent to the 28th Avenue parking garage at the corner of 28th Avenue and Adeline Street)

  • Open to all employees, visitors and patients.
  • Accessible from 28th Avenue and Adeline Street.
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