January 2016

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Universal Studios Hollywood adds 5,000 parking spaces before Potter Rush

21 January 2016, 16:51

Getting in and out of Universal Studios Hollywood should be easier than ever this summer, as the park has opened its massive new ET parking structure.

Outside the garage AND

Eight levels high and housing nearly 5,000 parking spaces, the ET garage is about half the size of Disneyland’s Mickey and Friends parking structure. (ET has more levels, but isn’t as long as Mickey and Friends.) And with new ramps connecting the garage to US 101 via a short drive down Universal Boulevard, people driving to Universal from Downtown Los Angeles should find it much faster to get in and out of their parking spots at Universal.

The ET parking lot is east of the drop-off / pick-up circle, next to Buca de Beppo, just south of the Curious George parking lot and across Universal Boulevard from Jurassic Parking. The front door to Universal Studios Hollywood is further from the ET parking lot, but that’s the trade-off for what should be a much faster traffic flow in the garage.

Inside the garage AND

Universal has installed a dozen parking toll booths on the first level of the garage, which also includes bus parking and charging stations for electric vehicles. The garage is pretty much empty now, as crowds continue to be relatively small in the park during this (relatively) rainy off-season winter, with construction going on in and around the park.

But when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens on April 7, expect the ET garage to start to full use.

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