August 2018

Parking spaces

Subway review finds hundreds of additional parking spaces

Metro had previously said the garage at Dunn Loring underground station had 1,326 spaces, but a “capacity check” showed the garage actually had 1,963 spaces.

WASHINGTON – Metro found hundreds of parking spaces this summer that it didn’t know it had.

Metro previously said the garage at Dunn Loring underground station has 1,326 spaces, but a “capacity check” showed the garage actually has 1,963 spaces, according to Northern Virginia Transportation Commission documents. .

That’s almost 1.5 times more space than Metro previously believed to be available to passengers.

The additional spaces had been added during the second phase of the garage construction which was completed more than a year after the first part of the garage opened in August 2013, the Metro spokesperson said, Ron Holzer, in an email.

“Metro is checking the capacity of all parking lots, during which a discrepancy was discovered at the Dunn Loring garage. The capacity was updated last month to reflect the 637 spaces added during phase two of the garage construction, but was inadvertently excluded from the total, ”said Holzer.

The disclosure in the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission documents aims to explain what would otherwise appear to be a sharp drop in garage usage when comparing data from July 2017 (71%) to data from July 2018 (48% ).

“Transactions at Dunn Loring have remained stable year over year, but the upward variation in capacity has resulted in lower utilization rates,” the documents say.

The utilization rate is important for Metro’s long-term planning and for users who consider which stations generally have parking available. In Virginia, updated Metro numbers show that only the Van Dorn Street, East Falls Church, and Wiehle-Reston East lots are typically full or nearly full on weekdays.

Last year, in a separate incident, Metro admitted to miscalculating the distances between train stations, leading to thousands of passengers paying bad fares for years.

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Parking facilities

Multi-level car parks essential

With limited public space in the heart of the city, which is teeming with commercial establishments, the Company is having difficulty reserving spaces for the parking of vehicles of traders and buyers.

The parking problem is so severe that car owners find it best to leave their vehicle at home and take a rickshaw for shopping on West Masi Street, South Masi Street, North Veli Street, Netaji Road and other places near Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

Ironically, the Company has a vacant space in front of the Central District Library in Simmakkal, near the Kamaraj statue in Vilakkuthoon, in front of the fire station near the Periyar bus stop and in the bus stop. from the shopping complex. If multi-level parking lots are built in these places, it will be beneficial in three ways – buyers can park their vehicle safely; the company can generate income; and traffic police would be exempted from towing vehicles to “no parking” areas.

We learn that the traffic police, a year ago, had identified nine places, including Simmakkal where an outpost of the Thilagar Thidal police station operates, for parking vehicles in order to resolve traffic jams. Traffic police used these places to park towed vehicles. While two-wheelers can be easily lifted by towing vehicles, towing cars and other four-wheeled vehicles is a daunting task, according to a police officer.

Company commissioner Aneesh Shekhar recently said that many facilities are being prepared for Madurai as part of the Smart City mission, including multi-level parking lots. To begin with, such a facility would be established near the Meenakshi Temple.

But residents want authorities to temporarily reserve vacant spaces for vehicle parking until multi-level parking is put in place. We have to act quickly because there are only two months left for Deepavali.

A retired policeman suggested that traffic police examine the possibility of parking vehicles in playgrounds belonging to educational institutions during festivals where they would remain closed.

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