February 2019

Parking spaces

No space for parking spaces?

Cities are like magnets. They attract people. Result: more and more people live in less and less space. Especially in the city centers there are hardly any free spaces left – and therefore parking spaces are also becoming scarce.

With its fully automated parking systems, stolzer has an intelligent response to today’s and tomorrow’s transportation challenges. Challenges that need to be mastered by planners, architects and investors in big cities and small towns alike. The disappearance of large amounts of parking cars from city centers is only one of the useful effects of fully automated parking solutions. In addition, the space needed to park a vehicle is reduced by up to 50%. This makes space, relieves the centers, improves the quality of life in the city and improves the urban landscape. As cities and communities compete with each other today, fully automated parking solutions can be a geographic advantage.

How does fully automated parking work?

The entrance to such a parking solution resembles a garage door and takes up little more than a double garage. Opening the door, one enters a transfer room – representative and more like a living room than a parking lot. The vehicle is left on a pallet and thus handed over to the parking system. With a key or a code, the pallet disappears and the vehicle with it. What almost feels like magic is a logistical masterpiece that ensures the vehicle is securely stored in its intended space. Vehicle recovery is just as easy.

In order to provide as many slots as possible, all elements of the system must be perfectly harmonized: the pallets, the slots, the installation, etc.

What is the size of the smallest parking unit?

Meet various requirements, stolzer offers a range of different systems. One of the biggest advantages of such a system is the height. Due to the pallets on which the vehicles are located, the total height of the parking system is reduced at each level. The smallest unit needs approx. 8 x 8 meters. Of course, this also depends on the situation on site.

Another advantage is the fact that such parking systems do not need lanes or ramps. This results in more space for vehicle storage. If each square meter is expensive, this is not only a logistical advantage, but also an economic advantage that should not be overlooked.

Fully automated parking systems from stolzer are designed to accommodate as many vehicles as possible in a minimum of space. stolzer also specializes in building solution in existing structures and homes, as well as in tiny gaps between buildings and in spaces with complex layouts.


STOPA is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems and sheet metal storage systems STOPAlong-range equipment and goods in Europe. The product range extends from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules. With 40 years of practical experience, including the installation of complex factories, and more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, this independent company has unique know-how in product quality and process safety, process automation and software development.

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