March 2019

Parking garage

The Galaxy’s Edge Crowds – Orange County Register

Disneyland plans to open a new parking lot months ahead of schedule as summer crowds descend on the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge despite a wetter-than-usual rainy season that hasn’t significantly slowed construction .

The 6,500-space Pixar Pals parking structure is expected to open between late June and late July, months ahead of the September opening of the new garage, according to Disneyland officials.

  • The new Pixar Pals parking structure under construction next to the Mickey and Friends structure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., on Monday, March 25, 2019. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

  • The new Pixar Pals parking structure under construction next to the Mickey and Friends structure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., on Monday, March 25, 2019. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

  • The new Pixar Pals parking structure under construction next to the Mickey and Friends structure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., on Monday, March 25, 2019. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

“We are thrilled to have made improvements to this,” said Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler. “It’s currently planned for the end of July, but we are working very, very hard with the contractors. We are optimistic that we will be able to bring this forward until the end of June. »

Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31 for a “soft opening” reservation period only. Star Wars fans wanting to explore the new 14-acre themed land between May 31 and June 23 will need a Disneyland ticket and a free advance reservation that grants access to Galaxy’s Edge.

The new Pixar Pals parking lot is under construction next to the 10,000-space Mickey and Friends parking lot. A new pedestrian bridge connecting the two parking structures to Downtown Disney is expected to open in mid-September, Disneyland officials said.

Disneyland also plans to open 2,150 additional visitor parking spaces on the Toy Story grounds by the end of June. Visitors will pass through a new security bag check area on the Toy Story grounds before boarding buses to the main gate plaza between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The Katella Cast Member car park will become the Bullseye visitor car park. Employee parking will be moved to the Pumba parking lot.

Toll lanes and additional parking spaces in the two garages will increase capacity by 50%, officials said. The upgrades will add 16 parking toll lanes, 33 security bag check lanes and electronic parking sensors in both structures.

The addition of the Pixar Pals Garage should drastically reduce the need to redirect cars arriving at the Mickey and Friends parking lot to the Toy Story parking lot, a time-consuming hassle that has plagued Disneyland visitors.

The new $100 million parking structure will feature six levels named after Pixar characters: The Incredibles (level 1), Coco (level 2), Cars (level 3), Monsters Inc. (level 4), Finding Nemo (level 5) and Inside. Exit (level 6).

The new parking lot improvements are part of a Disneyland initiative called Project Stardust, which is taking a comprehensive look at park-wide operations, infrastructure and crowd management with the goal of improving efficiency, traffic and access.

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Parking spaces

New limits on parking spaces under debate

Montgomery County Government

A proposal Who could force large commercial and residential properties in the county to have fewer parking spaces in a bid to force greater use of public transportation and get cars off the road is being questioned by business groups.

County Executive Marc Elrich is pushing for an update to regulations that would require building owners across the county to have a ‘traffic mitigation plan’ designed to get more people to use transportation or carpooling by reducing the number of parking spaces for commuters. Currently, five county areas — Bethesda, North Bethesda, Friendship Heights, Silver Spring and Shady Grove — require businesses with 25 or more employees to have plans, which also mandate designated parking spots for carpoolers and van services. Each of the areas also sets a target for the number of employees who do not drive to work, which ranges from 18% in Shady Grove to 46% in Silver Spring.

Last week, the county council’s transport and environment committee began considering the proposal, with council members agreeing that more study and public input was needed. The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce is among groups opposing the change, which it says places additional restrictions on developers and homeowners.

“The chamber appreciates the streamlining of processes to facilitate business relationships with the county; however, doing business in the county should be equally important,” according to a letter sent to the council committee last week. “As the County Executive and County Council want to remain competitive with our surrounding jurisdictions and not have additional requirements, please note that CTs are not required in areas of adjacent jurisdictions such as Frederick and the Prince George’s County.”

Stacy Silber, board member of the regional chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, wrote to the council in December, saying the change could stifle economic growth. “Economically, as an example of potential unintended consequences, this bill would allow the Director to regulate commercial lease negotiations and limit a landowner’s potential income from parking by prohibiting the consolidation of spaces parking lot that the owner built in accordance with County Code,” Silber wrote.

Nicola Whiteman, senior vice president of the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington, said she’s concerned about new multifamily developments that previously didn’t need to comply with parking requirements. Having public transit nearby, she says, isn’t always enough.

“You can have a situation where you can have the bus, and they do what they can [to comply with commuting standards] but they may not be able to do more,” she said of some properties.

Whiteman said members of his organization own more than 20 million square feet of commercial office space and more than 60,000 multi-family apartments. While transportation alternatives are important, she said lawmakers need to assess how realistic it is to increase transportation targets in the county.

“Where people can, they provide alternatives, but it’s a balance…but we also have residential communities where they don’t work during traditional subway hours, and they need a car,” said she declared.

Council member Tom Hucker said he was concerned that developing tougher parking standards, while noble, would not achieve the larger goal of increasing the availability of public transit in some areas, such as parts of its district which include Eastern County.

“Built into this is the assumption that everyone has good public transit options… there’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t put buses on the street anymore, it doesn’t take the subway where it doesn’t go,” he said.

The plan the council is considering was formulated by former county executive Isiah Leggett and amended by Elrich, whose amendments require every building with a transportation management plan to “demonstrate progress” toward its goal of commuting, otherwise the County Department of Transportation would then have the authority to limit the availability of parking lots for use by employees who commute during peak periods. Chris Conklin, deputy director of the Department for Transportation, said when Elrich took office in December, he expressed a desire to prioritize getting cars off the road.

“He felt some of the limitations were too lenient and asked us to consider the goals to be achieved,” Conklin said.

A separate element of the bill that would levy an additional charge on all existing non-multi-family residential and commercial developments has been recommended by council staff. Council member Andrew Friedson, who is not on the committee but represents an area that includes Bethesda’s central business district, wrote in a memo that he was “alarmed” by the recommendation.

“This is a radical policy change proposed after the public hearing on this bill and with extremely limited, if any, opportunity for the public to review or comment. I am particularly concerned that this would amount to a new tax on residents of multi-family buildings throughout the county,” he wrote. “Dramatic policy changes like this should be discussed publicly, transparently and openly. In this case, I do not think that those who will be affected by this new tax have had enough opportunities.

Dan Schere can be reached at [email protected]

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Tindall Mississippi to provide prefabricated parking structures to Louis Armstrong Airport

Louis Armstrong Parking Decks Antenna

“Their team is attentive to the strict requirements of construction and specializes in production efficiency every step of the way,” said David Evans, project manager at Broadmoor Construction.

The Mississippi division of Tindall Corporation has won two parking projects for the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Our team is honored to have the opportunity to produce these structures for Louis Armstrong Airport with the help of our partners,” said Ed Baldinger, project manager for the Mississippi division of Tindall. “Our success comes from the combined efforts of the entire team for excellent service.

For the east parking garage, the Tindall team will use two cranes to install approximately 2,200 prefabricated parts, including beams, columns, double tees, wall panels and stairs. Each crane will be able to install about 70 parts per week, which will increase the assembly speed. The prefabricated phase of the eastern parking garage began at the end of February 2019 with an assembly schedule of 16 weeks.

The exterior of this bridge will have speed ramps on each side to keep the interior flat. It will be connected to the terminal by six elevators, numerous stairs and a covered passage.

“Tindall has been a valuable partner throughout the design and planning process for this next structure,” said David Evans, Project Manager at Broadmoor Construction. “Their team is attentive to the strict requirements of the construction and specializes in production efficiency every step of the way. New Orleans-based Broadmoor Construction was the general contractor for the East Parking Garage.

The prefabricated erection of the original parking deck was finalized in January 2018, approximately 2 months ahead of the construction schedule. It will also have six elevators, numerous staircases, an elevated pedestrian walkway and a car entrance leading to the elevated terminal roadway on the 3rd floor. He is currently in the detail phase of construction, painting the stripes of the parking spaces and completing the elevators. The general contractor for this garage is HGBM-JV.

The two parking lots will total more than 1,550,000 square feet and will provide more than 4,000 parking spaces when completed.

For more than 10 years, Tindall’s Mississippi division has produced remarkable work along the Gulf Coast. Tindall produced the prefabricated pylons that greet Louisiana State University fans at Tiger Stadium and the award-winning Precast / Prestressed Institute (PCI) parking lot at Park at South Market in New Orleans.

The team simultaneously maintains production efficiency while developing cost-effective and rapid solutions for their customers from their state-of-the-art 100-acre production facility, a true example of their best precast job.

To learn more about Tindall, visit

About Tindall

Based in Spartanburg, SC, Tindall Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete in North America. With five production plants located throughout the Mid Atlantic and South Central United States, Tindall provides engineering, manufacturing, shipping and installation solutions for precast concrete systems. and prestressed and underground utility structures.

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Downtown Columbia parking structures will receive upgraded cameras | News

COLUMBIA – Parking structures in downtown Columbia will be getting new security cameras. A member of the Columbia Parking Advisory Commission said that for many reasons the city wanted to move to more centralized monitoring with newer technology.

“One of the main reasons for doing this is that we are changing the parking payment system,” said Greg Cecil. “So it’s important to have a camera that focuses on the person using the parking device and so if there’s a problem someone can be on the line and be able to help them if they need to do it.

This means that entrances and exits to all parking structures will be more closely monitored.

The project is estimated at approximately $250,000 and installation will begin in late spring or early summer 2019.

Cecil said there weren’t many issues in the car parks, but public safety would still be a major concern. Some people who regularly park at the structures said there is definitely room for improvement.

“There needs to be more people reviewing the camera footage,” Steven Davis said. “I’ve had about four buddies who had their cars broken into or stolen and nobody did anything about it.”

Melissa Vanderplog said she didn’t always feel comfortable inside parking lots.

“It’s scary, especially when I’m alone,” she said.

A valet at the Tiger Hotel said that sometimes when he parks cars he sees people who have “no business there” or finds homeless people in the stairwells.

Elizabeth Worsham, who works in downtown Main Squeeze, said she would like more reassurance.

“I often leave work at around 9:30 a.m. so it would be really nice to know that the garage was safe because I feel a little nervous coming home,” she said.

Cecil said he hoped people would share their views at a hearing hosted by the Department of Public Works on March 26 at City Hall.

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