September 2019

Parking facilities

The town of Wheeling resumes its parking lots


WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – For at least 20 years, the Town of Wheeling has contracted out the operation of its parking lots.

However, this deal with Anthony Wayne Oil Company ends Monday night at 11.59pm.

From Tuesday, the city will operate its own facilities.

Three parking lots and six surface lots will be taken over and managed by employees of the Town of Wheeling.

When we started looking at automation several months ago, we found some things that were worrying us, and we put all of that together and kind of looked at where we were at. And under the administrative code, the general manager has the power to effect the management change in accordance with the authority, and I decided to do so.

Bob Herron, City Manager of Wheeling

Bob Herron says the city will run it for several weeks or months before making a recommendation to council as to whether the city should continue to manage the facilities or hire an outside agency to manage them.

Anyone interested in temporary part-time jobs in one of these car parks can apply to Wheeling’s human resources department.

The three parking garages are the intermodal center, the tenth street garage and the center haulage garage.

The above ground lots are on 9th Street, Market Street, behind the Sims Tower, behind the WesBanco Arena and on 22nd Street.

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Parking spaces

Stacked parking spaces considered in East Hampton

Stacked parking spaces in Thailand, Photo: Nuttapong Wannavijid, whitecity/123RF

Following several incidents that nearly led to violence as drivers fought for parking spots in East Hampton this summer, Hamptons Police traffic control consultants are planning to build “overlay parking lots” in the busy village Reutershan car park.

The two-car stacked slots, which function as a bunk bed for parked cars and use a rotating lift system, are said to be the first of their kind in this country. Increasingly popular in Asia’s most densely populated cities, such as Tokyo, Japan and parts of Thailand, the new system could be just what East Hampton needs, according to police and village officials.

“These innovative parking spots would double the capacity of East Hampton’s busiest lot,” the Hamptons Police Department spokesperson said. larry hirsch said. “Of course, we will have to rely on the patience of drivers with each other as cars are raised and lowered when parking and retrieving, but we expect nothing less from our citizens year-round and many summer visitors. Imagine, this could bring blissful harmony to a parking lot that has long been known for its ugly interactions and frustration,” the police spokesperson adds. “Heck, people might even make friends while waiting together, especially with all the density stresses resolved.”

Some have argued that the efficient new parking lot will tarnish the appearance of the village and oppose stopping the plan, which will not go into effect until at least Memorial Day 2020. The Hamptons City Council released a memo last week. noting that they take all views under advisement and will not rush into any decision. “This is an expensive undertaking and one we would not embark on without all the necessary information,” the memo from the City Commission reads.

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Parking spaces

More parking to come at busy Janeway Children’s Hospital

Eastern Health is opening a new 58-space parking lot near Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Center as well as additional parking service this fall.

In a press release Wednesday, the health authority said the new parking spaces will help ease parking issues before the Health Sciences Center’s 1,000-space garage is completed.

“We believe that new on-site parking, combined with a new supplemental parking service, will help relieve parking pressures on site more immediately while the new garage is being built,” said Ron Johnson, head of Eastern Health. , in a statement.

The new parking lot at St. John’s Children’s Hospital will be exclusively for clients, visitors and their families. The area will be fenced.

Forty-five spaces will open in the auxiliary parking lot and 96 spaces will be available in one of the staff lots.

The staff collects the keys

The health authority said people using the new overflow service will be guided by a staff member from the car park, who will collect the person’s keys.

“Staff will place vehicle keys in an organized locker and provide the driver with a matching ticket stub for reference upon return,” the press release read.

“When a driver returns to their vehicle and wishes to leave the parking lot, additional parking service personnel will be available to assist with the timely collection of the vehicle.”

In an email to CBC News, the health authority said other health care facilities, including in Ottawa and Toronto, have used this type of parking service “with success.”

Eastern Health is implementing overflow parking to solve parking problems. (Radio Canada)

The health authority’s current parking provider, Indigo Park, will offer the new service, which will cost $66,000 per year.

Parking spaces at health facilities in the East have in the past drawn criticism, rallies and public comment.

CBC had requested an interview with the health authority early Wednesday afternoon to ask follow-up questions. A spokesperson said an interview could not take place until Thursday. However, the next day, the health authority said no one was available to do an interview.

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