February 2021

Parking garage

Part of parking lot collapses in downtown Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The weight of three balls of snow and ice can break tree branches, knock down power lines and cause part of a parking lot to collapse.

Crews worked on the scene of a partially collapsed parking lot in downtown Lexington.

The upper deck of a structure on the High Street gave way early Thursday morning. No injuries were reported.

Thursday evening, the crews concentrated their work at ground level. Our Shelby Smithson hadn’t seen much on the upper deck since crews put up a fence separating the collapsed section and positioning a crane.

The Webb Companies own the BB&T parking lot in downtown Lexington.

In a press release, The Webb Companies announces its intention to stabilize and repair the structure immediately:

Building Ownership has engaged architects, engineers and consultants to assess the structure and make recommendations on site stabilization and will immediately begin repairs to stabilize the structure. While taking these necessary measures, we will endeavor to limit traffic disruptions.

“We received a call a little after 5:00 am this morning indicating that a few spans had failed. And it compromised the garage, ”said Ross Boggess of Webb Companies.

Shortly after the upper deck collapsed, crews were in the building with equipment to stabilize the site. They say it’s crucial to make sure it doesn’t collapse further or damage surrounding buildings.

“The city condemned the structure, so we are currently working on remediation efforts. Trying to make sure that we are handling things as quickly and as responsibly as possible, ”said Boggess.

The city center may have temporarily lost around 250 parking spaces, but authorities are just grateful that no one was injured.

You can see on our WKYT Sky Eye drone video that the structure will not be used anytime soon:

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