December 2021

Parking garage

Lakewood apartment complex parking lot collapses

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – Structural engineers and firefighters investigate the collapse of a two-story underground parking lot at an apartment complex on Edgewater Drive.

Lakewood Police and Fire Department responded to 12540 Edgewater Drive in Marine Towers West to a report of an underground garage attached to the collapsed building.

Residents of Marine Towers West, which is the adjacent building next to the collapsed garage, have been asked to leave their residences for at least 24 hours while authorities investigate the collapse.

The exact number of displaced residents remains to be determined as some were at work, authorities said.

Photo courtesy of a resident of a neighboring building.

Image of a collapsed parking garage on Edgewater Drive.

Lakewood Fire Chief Tim Dunphy said based on video of the parking garage entrance, no one was in the garage when the collapse occurred. No injuries are to be deplored for the moment.

There were vehicles inside the garage. The exact number is yet to be determined, Dunphy said.

Watch an update from Dunphy in the media player below:

A fire official speaking after a parking lot collapsed on Edgewater Drive in Lakewood.

“Fairly large collapse of what we call a pancake collapse. The upper deck collapsed onto the first floor deck and after that sections of the first floor collapsed,” he said.

Witnesses say they heard a loud boom and then felt everything shake. The garage is located between Marine Towers West and Marine Towers East.

A video taken by a resident of the East Tower shows the damage caused by the collapse.

Emergency crews at the scene of a collapsed parking lot on Edgewater Drive in Lakewood

A woman who lives in the building adjacent to the collapsed parking lot said it looked like an earthquake.

“I looked out the window and saw everyone running around and hearing people saying 911 so I ran,” she said.

Another resident who spoke to News 5 said he was visiting his parents in Akron a day earlier.

“Glad to be alive. It felt like a huge gust of wind. Like an explosion of air. I knew something had happened,” he said.

For a resident, at first, this was not thought of as it is usually very windy on the upper floors of the Marine West Tower.

“It was kind of like an earthquake. I didn’t think about it because it’s very windy. I actually learned from a friend who sent me a story online and a photo of it. So I thought I’d better go investigate, “he said.

Image from iOS (343) .jpg

Scott Noll | Cleveland News 5.

Partial collapse of the garage on Edgewater Drive in Lakewood.

A Google map shows the underground parking lot with a grass covered roof.

The Red Cross meets with displaced residents at a local school.

The marine towers garage collapses 2.jpg

Scott Noll | Cleveland News 5

According to county records, the building was constructed in the early 1960s and consists of 171 apartments. The fire chief said structural engineers would determine whether the building is safe for the residents to return, but it could take at least 24 hours.

The city has set up a telephone line for residents who have been displaced. Residents can call 1-866-647-1306 for more information regarding the collapse and evacuation.

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Parking garage

When will the repairs to the Buchanan Street parking lot in Lafayette be completed? | News

The first phase of repairs to the downtown Lafayette Buchanan Street parking lot is expected to be completed in January.

The six-story structure built in 1981 was abruptly closed in October 2018 after it was deemed unsafe, exacerbating parking problems for patrons of the nearby Lafayette Parish Courthouse as there is plenty of street parking. near the courthouse were then reserved for courthouse employees who used the garage.

It is not known when the parking garage will reopen.

Buchanan Street parking garage repairs begin Tuesday

The plans for Phase 2 are expected to be delivered in January, unless unforeseen circumstances arise, according to city engineer Fred Trahan.

Phase 1 involves structural repairs to the parking garage, as well as sanding and painting the exterior of the structure and installing an impact resistant cable system.

Downtown EDD Board of Directors Approves Economic Development Fund Application Process

Corrosion damaged more than half of the steel beams and columns that support the floors of the 344-vehicle parking garage.

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Mayor-President Josh Guillory signed an emergency declaration in March 2020 after an engineer report revealed advanced to severe corrosion in the latches that connect some of the 200 panels to the garage itself. The panels were removed to lighten the load on the structure.

Phase 1 is expected to cost just over $ 1.6 million.

A downtown Lafayette performing arts center? DDA wants to get there, has the site in mind

Phase 2, Trahan said in an email response to the questions, is expected to include repairs or replacement of elevators, as well as repairs to stairwells and the electrical system, at an estimated cost of $ 1.6 million. of dollars. The second phase can also include interior painting for an estimated cost of $ 500,000 to $ 800.00.

If interior painting is not allowed, he said, the final design of the elevator and stairwell work could allow part of the parking garage to be used during construction. This decision will be made once the final elevator and stairwell designs are completed.

Lafayette could house a new Louisiana music museum

The parking lot was closed in 2018 shortly after the parish’s former city council rejected a proposal from then-mayor Joel Robideaux that the city buy the structure from the parish. Some council members saw this decision as a way to help the budget of the struggling parish.

Robideaux then issued a request for proposals to redevelop the parking garage and other nearby properties – some not owned by LCG – into a mixed-use development with residences and businesses. It received four proposals in 2019, but took no action after determining that none of the proposals were financially viable.

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