August 2022

Parking facilities

Wink from Pscl to the transport hub, multi-level car parks | Patna News

A pedestrian subway under construction near Patna Junction

PATNA: People will be relieved from heavy traffic congestion on Station Road as board members of Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL) on Monday passed the proposal to construct a two-story multi-modal transport building on more than 10 acres of land in the former Bakri Bazaar area as part of the station redevelopment project. The facility would serve as a terminal or depot for city buses, autorickshaws and private taxis.
The estimated cost for the G+2 multimodal transport hub is around Rs 66 crore. A pedestrian metro is under construction to link Patna Junction with a multi-level car park and the proposed multi-modal transport building. The metro and the redevelopment of the multi-level car park near Buddha Smriti Park are part of the project.
PSCL has also approved the proposed construction of multi-level parking lots at eight locations in the city to reduce random parking on the roads. The eight locations are Gandhi Maidan Road, Exhibition Road, Fraser Road, Station Road, Budh Marg, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, East Boring Canal Road and Boring Road. In addition, pedestrian bridges will be constructed near Gola Road Mor, RPS Mor, Patna Zoo (Gate Number 1), Sheikhpura Mor, Vidyut Bhawan, Visvesvaraya Bhawan, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Bhootnath Road crossing and Kumhrar crossing, so people can cross the road without any hassle.
PSCL board members approved a total of 13 schemes including installation of LED display on the roof of Bihar Museum, beautification of flyovers, bridges and roundabouts and construction of a biodiversity park near Digha Ghat. A yoga and naturopathy center will also be established at the biodiversity park.
The Maurya Tower will be developed as a nine-storey building with the facilities of a rooftop garden, food court and parking lot. Under the flyover beautification project, PSCL selected Chiraiyatand flyover, R-Block-Beerchand flyover and Atal Path-Hatali Mor Bridge.
GPO, Fraser Road, Income Tax, Railway Station, Ramgoolam Chowk, Chiraiyatand, Dinkar, Premchand Rangshala, McDowell and Rajendra Nagar golambar are some of the roundabouts to be beautified.


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Parking garage

A car park close to becoming a reality in Fondren

The developers of a 500-space parking lot, 200 apartments, and possibly some retail and dining spaces in Jackson’s Fondren neighborhood have taken a small step forward in their mixed-use project.

Jason Watkins, one of the developers involved, said the project will strengthen the economic center of Fondren.

The plan addresses parking and housing, which are important to the continued success of Fondren’s business district, and does more, said Rebecca Garrison, executive director of Fondren Renaissance.

“It extends the footprint of the business district to the west where there are more opportunities for residential and mixed-use redevelopment,” she said.

The City of Jackson Planning Board recommended at its July 27 meeting that City Council approve the rezoning of 3012, 3016, 3024, 3032, 3038, and 3046 Oxford Ave. and 510, 518 and 524 Mitchell Ave. in Urban Town Center. Current zoning ranges from R-4 to Village Urbain.

The planning board also recommended that the council grant a special use permit for the nine parcels on Oxford Avenue and Mitchell Avenue plus 3009 N. State Street.

City Council will vote on the planning board’s recommendation at its August 15 meeting.

Watkins, one of the developers who is part of Whitney Place LLC, said the zoning change would align this stretch along Oxford Avenue and Mitchell Avenue with the Urban Downtown zoning designation for the rest of the center. – town of Fondren. “It would give us a set of (zoning) rules to follow,” he said.

Whitney Place LLC owns or has all nine buildings under contract, Watkins said. All are currently rental duplexes, some vacant and some rented. Rental duplexes represent a change from the days when structures were owner-occupied and primarily single-family dwellings.

Architects are still determining where the apartments would be located on the site, but some of those duplexes could be demolished, Watkins said.

“It really depends on what architects and apartment developers come up with as the best layout,” he said.

The apartments, which would be on par with the District Lofts, The Quarter House and the Meridian, will be built by an as-yet-unnamed developer, he said. “I think we should be able to announce apartment details shortly after the city council vote on rezoning,” Watkins said.

The Planning Board also recommended that a use permit be granted for a parking garage which the developers, consisting of Watkins, David Pharr and several others, plan to build behind the Fondren Strip on North State Street. The strip includes the Capri Theatre, Pearl tiki bar and Highball Lanes and other businesses.

Construction is expected to begin at the parking lot in late fall, assuming materials are available, Watkins said. It is expected to be partially open by spring 2023 and complete by next summer.

The parking lot, whose construction is estimated at 13 million dollars, is in the design phase.

Senate Bill 3150 authorized up to $20 million in bonds to be issued by the Hinds County Development Project Loan Fund “to assist in the development and construction of infrastructure improvements, including structured parking , and other enhancements associated with an entertainment development project”.

“The leadership of the state — the governor and the speaker of the House of Representatives — led it that way,” Watkins said. “They saw the need for this garage. It was their choice to help him in this way.

In February, the Hinds County Board of Supervisors approved the garage’s general concept and voted to move forward with the legislation.

“We have a few loose ends with the county regarding the structure of the loan agreement,” he said. “After that, the design phase will begin, and then construction, which will take six to nine months.”

Hinds County will own the garage once it is completed, Watkins said.

“It will be the county’s long-term asset,” he said. “We have no interest in owning the garage.”

Plans call for a professional management company to lease and operate the garage, Watkins said. As is the case in many cities, drivers will pay a fee to park in the garage.

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Parking spaces

Social media weighs in on house bill requiring parking spaces before car registration

An enforcer from the Quezon City Government Public Order and Security Department guards Arayat Street in Cubao to prevent illegal parking and vendors from occupying the sidewalk yesterday by order of Mayor Joy Belmonte. (The STAR/Boy Santos)

A legislator has proposed adding parking spaces as a requirement when registering vehicles with the Land Transport Office.

This bill has elicited various reactions from motorists on social networks.

Some hailed the long-awaited proposal to help solve traffic congestion. Other Filipinos were skeptical about its implementation. Some Filipinos criticized him.

Under Bill 31, Rep. Lord Allan Velasco (Marinduque) look for requiring anyone considering the purchase of a motor vehicle to first obtain a permanent parking space or garage.

Velasco said traffic congestion worsens when car owners park their vehicles on public roads, especially in metropolitan areas.

The bill will also require LTO officials to certify or verify the car owner’s parking space request before granting registration.

LTO staff or officials who have not verified the application will be suspended for three months without pay.

Vehicle owners, meanwhile, will have their registration revoked, pay a 50,000 peso fine and be banned from registering a vehicle for the next three years.

How Filipinos Reacted Online

Some Filipinos have expressed support for the tabling of this bill. They said it was time to tackle the problem of cars parked along streets and other roads for commercial purposes.

“I should have done this a long time ago…please also include cars parked along the road in housing estates,” one Facebook user said. said.

“Tama. Really should decongest or clear the roads. NO PARKING. No car policy,” another user said.

Other Filipinos pointed out that such measures had already been proposed. They expressed skepticism about how it will be implemented without corruption.

“Your solution is the right one, but it adds bureaucracy that can be inefficient or prone to corruption. Why not simply prohibit parking on public roads and then offer paid parking in each barangay? » a Facebook user asked.

“It’s not a problem of law – it’s a question of implementation. Common sense is that roads are used for driving and NOT for parking. Magic way for corruption na naman sa LTO ‘yan’, another user said.

Some Filipinos, meanwhile, again cited the public transport crisis as the reason the public first resorts to buying motor vehicles.

“If you fix public transport, people won’t need so many cars and it will be useless. They focus on the surface problems and not the root causes,” a Facebook user said.

“Kaya lang naman napapabili ng sasakyan ang tao dahil walang kwenta ang public transpo”, another user called.

Not the first in parking spaces

Before that. Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian also introduced a similar bill called “Parking Space Proof Act.”

Under this bill, individuals and businesses in Metro Manila are required to file an affidavit that they have acquired parking spaces before they are allowed to purchase their vehicles.

In July 2019, Gatchalian asked former President Rodrigo Duterte to certify the passage of this bill as urgent following his State of the Nation Address that year.

“I hope President Duterte will certify that this bill is as urgent as it is entirely consistent with his vision to alleviate the constant struggles of the commuter public,” the lawmaker said. quoted in a report as told.

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