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500 of SpotHero’s Chicago parking lots now ready for self-driving cars


No one expects an automaker to create a fully autonomous car overnight. But when that day comes, SpotHero will be ready.

The parking technology company today announced that more than 500 of its facilities in Chicago are now ready for autonomous vehicles.

These garages, grounds, and other facilities are equipped with license plate recognition technology, IoT sensors and other hardware that, combined with SpotHero’s software, allow an autonomous vehicle to find a garage, find it there. access and pay, all without the need for human assistance. .

SpotHero is prepared for autonomous vehicles to hit the city streets. “

“SpotHero is ready to welcome autonomous vehicles on city streets and in parking lots,” said CEO Mark Lawrence. “By combining the existing physical infrastructure of parking lots with our digital infrastructure, these AV-ready garages offer a real-world glimpse of what the future of parking for urban mobility looks like. “

The hardware and software required to create a fully autonomous vehicle are complex and expensive. From an article by Quartz As of March 2017, a fully autonomous car could cost $ 250,000 to build. It turns out that preparing parking lots and parking lots for self-driving cars is not an easy task either.

“The parking industry is very fragmented,” said Elan Mosbacher, senior vice president of strategy and operations. “One of the things we’re focusing on is taking this fragmented industry with thousands of players that use dozens of types of hardware and software and making it really simple for an original equipment manufacturer or an autonomous vehicle company. “

SpotHero has had an eye on self-driving cars and their parking needs for some time. In an interview with Built In last March, Lawrence said the company is investing in autonomous vehicle and smart city technologies. The company also opened an office in Detroit last fall to get closer to its partners in the automotive industry.

According to Mosbacher, half of SpotHero’s parking lots in Chicago are now compatible with autonomous vehicles. No timeline has been given as to when the other half of the company’s garages and lots in Chicago will be ready for autonomous vehicles, or when this program will be extended to the thousands of other garages and lots. of the company spread across the country.

“The biggest question is on the autonomous vehicle side: when will the autonomous vehicles be ready? Mosbacher asked. “Right now it’s a proof of concept in Chicago for today. But it’s something we can roll out nationally once we prove the pilot and after the automakers move forward with their development. “

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