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City of Miami Police Department parking lot closed for building security reasons

MIAMI – The Miami City Police Department Headquarters parking lot was suddenly closed for security reasons.

A police recruit was jogging on the ramps and garage floors last month when a piece of concrete gave way.

“You can see through one of the parking lot levels,” Miami Police Chief Manny Morales said.

Inspectors came, including an engineer, on the 40-year-old recertification of the garage, and in a letter described the deterioration of the concrete and the lack of reinforcements.

“Concerns about sections of slabs between beams that have deteriorated due to spalling,” Miami Buildings Manager Ace Marrero said. “But the current main building is in good condition.”

Last month’s letter about the garage’s closure refers to the 2016 recertification, which cited “concrete damage that required attention…which had not been cleaned or repaired to date.”

This 2016 report is filled with photos of concrete cracks and exposed rebar.

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The engineer wrote that there was no risk to life safety, but that the deterioration of the concrete and the cracking “must be dealt with quickly”.

If the catastrophic building collapse at Surfside comes to mind, Marraro said that situation was not like that.

“The structure system was a concern at Surfside, it’s very different,” he said.

Meanwhile, there will be no on-site parking for the next few months for hundreds of police personnel.

“The only concern is with the employees who actually work in the building,” Morales said. “The vast majority of officers assigned to this station patrol the streets of Miami and that’s where I expect them to be.”

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