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Demolition of Government Center parking lot to resume – NBC Boston

Demolition of Boston’s Government Center garage is set to resume next week, shutting down part of Congress Street for the rest of the summer.

The portion of Congress Street below the garage will be closed from July 10 through Labor Day to allow demolition of the garage to safely resume, developer HYM Construction said in a statement on Tuesday.

Extent of demolition work, from July 11. (Courtesy of HYM Investment Group LLC)

The closure is part of previously planned work, HYM said. Demolition work is expected to resume on July 11.

While this section of Congress Street is closed, Sudbury Street will change from a one-way street to a two-way street to alleviate traffic issues.

No impact to MBTA service in the region is expected.

Temporary roads for vehicles and pedestrians, from July 10. (Courtesy of HYM Investment Group LLC)

HYM said the demolition plans had been reviewed by inspectors and engineers and the company had been cleared to resume work. They said there was no fear that the columns under the garage could pose a safety hazard as they had recently been reinforced.

“The resumption of work on the Government Center Garage is being conducted with the utmost respect for strict industry protocol, ensuring the safety of our workers and the public is a priority at all times,” the company said.

At this stage, no night work is planned.

Congress Street is expected to reopen to the public after Labor Day, but HYM said future demolition work will be required.

Demolition of the garage has been on hold since March 26, when several floors collapsed, killing a construction worker.

Peter Monsini, 51, from Easton, was completing demolition work in a construction vehicle which rolled over the side of the barn when the structure collapsed, falling from a significant height. He was found under a pile of rubble and pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

Monsini was the single father of a 17-year-old son, his family said.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office continue to investigate his death.

A call for a “dangerous and unstable work site” was issued at this same construction site at the Government Center garage in January 2022.

Less than two weeks ago, the MBTA was forced to suspend Green Line and Orange Line service after it discovered that at least one support column under the Government Center garage was “severely deteriorated” due to years of water damage.

Service was allowed to resume a few days later after the support column was reinforced.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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