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Eid shoppers irritated by lack of parking spaces

Rawalpindi: Lack of parking spaces has become a nuisance for visitors rushing to markets and bazaars to finish their shopping before Eidul Fitr.

Although visitors also shop during the day, the majority of them start arriving at the markets after Iftar time. They face extreme levels of distress when they cannot find a place to park their vehicles in the markets.

Abdul Sattar, a visitor to the Kashmir bazaar, said: “I parked my vehicle about a kilometer from this bazaar because I couldn’t find any parking space near this site. I do my shopping but also worry about the safety of my vehicle.

The majority of shoppers are now seen parking their vehicles on major roads in front of malls, leading to massive traffic jams, especially in the evening. Parking cars on the side of the road reduces space for vehicular traffic and creates traffic hassles and mental agony for Eid shoppers.

Asim Chaudhry, a visitor, said: ‘The plan for shopping malls and plazas that do not have proper parking facilities should not be adopted and those that already exist should be closed unless such facilities are provided. for people’s convenience.”

He said: “With no proper parking facilities, visitors park their vehicles on the roads. Then the traffic police lift those vehicles and the owners have to pay a fine to get their vehicles back.

A group of people set up an unauthorized parking spot in part of a public park in Commercial Market (Satellite Town).

Ashraf Ali, a visitor, said, “I found a parking spot at the public market park site. The person charged me Rs50 but they didn’t give me a receipt.

He said, “When I asked them if they had gotten permission from the local government for this work, they said permission would be given in the next few days.”

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins