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Fears for the future of Nantwich businesses amid lack of parking spaces for shoppers

Businesses in Nantwich are losing trade because visitors to the town cannot find a parking space, a councilor has said. Cllr Peter Groves (Con) said Cheshire East Council did nothing to address the loss of more than 80 spaces in the unofficial St Anne car park when the site was developed.

He said he had been contacted by several business owners about the issue. “We are now in a position where people who drive into town, especially on Saturdays or busy market days, if they can’t park, they just turn around and go somewhere else,” Cllr Groves told the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

“I have been working at the council for a few years on a comprehensive review of parking in Nantwich so they can look at both the supply and the pricing structure.

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“What really irritates me is that downtown vitality plans are handled by the economy and growth commission, but car parking is handled by the roads commission. You don’t have to be a British brain to realize that city center vitality and parking go hand in hand. You have to look at both at the same time. »

The Nantwich Councilor said some traders were seriously worried they would go bankrupt if footfall continued to fall due to parking issues. “Nantwich is primarily a town with independently run shops – they survive on the footfall in Nantwich and if the footfall isn’t there they basically won’t have a business and that’s what really concerns me “, did he declare.

He added that a lot of people on the new areas being built will be coming to town. “If you look at Kingsbourne we have 900 odd houses coming up, we’re about to have another 80 odd houses on the Peter Destapeleigh Way site, so that’s around 1,000 houses.

“These people who live in Kingsbourne or Peter Destapeleigh, they’re not going to walk to Nantwich every time. They will come in and want to park. No one is talking about how this is going to be resolved. Nantwich has no free car parks now that St Anne is no longer official and, along with Crewe and Wilmslow, has some of the highest parking charges in East Cheshire.

Cllr Groves said: ‘The car parking problem in Nantwich, Crewe and Wilmslow is a hot potato for residents because people in Nantwich, Crewe and Wilmslow are saying why am I paying to resurface [free] car parks in Alsager and Sandbach, etc. But the biggest problem at the moment is the supply of parking, because it is fundamental for the traffic in the city.

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Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins