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Illegal conversion of parking spaces is rampant in Kozhikode

Despite constant warnings from local administrators, several small and large merchants in the city are believed to be involved in the illegal conversion of parking spaces for commercial activities. The directive against such acts is largely ignored by traders in the absence of strong legal action or remedial action by the authorities of the company.

Incidentally, illegal parking in the city is mainly due to encroachment on demarcated parking spaces. As a result, motorists are forced to avail paid parking services. Awnings and semi-permanent structures, common in front of many stores, mostly take up parking spaces and serve as product display areas or storage spaces.

“The biggest drawback is the remote paid parking spaces, on which customers are forced to depend in the absence of practical spaces in front of the shops. There are also instances where roadside spaces are misused due to inability of store owners to maintain parking spaces for customers,” said V. Saneesh, an accountant at a store in the city. . He pointed out that a simple inspection by the company could easily reveal such violations.

Incidentally, the majority of these stores are located within the premises of mofussil and KSRTC bus stops. There are also many shops on Mavoor and Kallayi roads, where customers are forced to use the roadside space to park. A few hotels have also used their parking spaces for outdoor dining.

In some textile stores, parking spaces have been transformed into exhibition spaces.

“One strange thing that came to my mind is the craze of shop owners to park their vehicles in the available spaces,” said Manoj Mathew, an electrician from Kottuli.

Meanwhile, company officials have argued that legal notices were served on violators during surprise inspections. They also claimed that many such spaces had been cleaned up after fining owners.

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins