Parking spaces

More accessible parking spaces are needed in Basingstoke – council must step in and help

Please can I ask how many residents of Church Street have parking permits? No names or addresses, just the number of permits currently held.

My request comes after I was fined for parking in a “shared” parking spot. Having spent two cold nights in Church Street, I saw no one parking there with a permit. The reason I parked where I did was to allow my wife to safely exit our rear entry wheelchair accessible vehicle, WAV.

There is no parking for this type of vehicle in Basingstoke, all places are either one behind the other (Church Street leaving no room for an access ramp) or accessible in the car parks which implies going out into the traffic stream, which I’m sure is being ignored by planners to allow more spaces for paying visitors.

I recently sent photos of our vehicle in the Red Lion car park where yellow markings are on the ground I am told for the benefit of the visitor queue at the payment point during the pandemic these will be in turn brought back online when the pandemic is considered complete, so security is once again for WAVs brought into contact.

I’m pretty sure that if I get an answer it’ll be something along the lines of “This, that and the other”, meaning nothing will be done. I have to say with all the hoo-ha at #10 to think that a Tory based council will do anything to help is beyond me, just another Tory rip-off for the disabled I guess but I live in the hope.

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Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins