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New plan to add 250 parking spaces at Bolton College of Medical Sciences

Plans to add a further 250 parking spaces at the future Bolton College of Medical Sciences (BCMS) and wider Royal Bolton Hospital site have been submitted.

This is an increase from the net gain of 159 spaces that would have been created under the initial BCMS application.

BCMS is a modern vocational skills and training center between the University of Bolton, Bolton College, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and Bolton Council, located at the Royal Bolton Hospital in Farnworth.

Planning permission was granted for BCMS in June 2019, including dedicated multi-storey parking.

The new application proposes to replace the multi-storey car park of the original designs with a surface car park, which was not viable in 2019.

As part of the new proposals, additional parking for hospital staff will be provided from the outset and at each stage of the development, including to cater for spaces that will be moved when construction work begins on BCMS, which is being built on the site. of an existing surface car park on the Royal Bolton Hospital campus.

The construction will result in the displacement of 140 parking spaces for hospital staff. But, before construction begins, the first stage of a three-phase car park improvement program will see 281 new spaces, some temporary, provided elsewhere on the site, by converting currently underused land.

During the second and third stages, 250 places will be provided throughout the hospital. Of these additional spaces, 170 will be for BCMS users and the other 80 will be reserved for additional hospital staff and visitor parking.

BCMS Project Manager, Mark O’Reilly, said: “This amendment to the plans already approved for BCMS serves to improve the design and provision of on-site hospital parking. When we originally submitted plans for BCMS in 2019, multi-storey parking was the only viable option.

‘Since then, greater clarity has emerged on the hospital’s wider regeneration plans following its recent bid for £500m funding from the government’s Hospital Improvement Scheme. This now makes the necessary amount of surface parking viable and allows us to align more closely with their larger vision for the site.

He added: “Essentially no staff parking will be lost during the construction of BCMS – which as we know is a much needed facility bringing countless benefits to the Bolton community including high quality healthcare , job opportunities and a £150million boost to the local economy. »

The updated planning application for BCMS makes no other changes to the original pre-approved plans beyond the nature of the parking supply. It is due to be presented to Bolton Council’s planning committee in June.

Subject to planning permission, completion of the BCMS is expected by July 2024.

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins