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No parking spaces, Mandi residents harassed: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Dipender Manta

Mandi, July 15

The city of Mandi lacks parking for residents as well as for those who come from outside. As a result, a large number of vehicles can be seen parked on the roadsides of the city at various locations such as Jail Road Mandi, School Bazaar, Mangvain and Hospital Road. This results in inconvenience for both pedestrians and motorists.

People harassed in an emergency

We had proposed to the authorities to join the IIT-Mandi to find solutions to this problem but nothing materialized. Vehicle parking even in an emergency is a big problem in the city. P Kapoor, Chairman, Citizens Council, Mandi

Roadside parking causes traffic jams, forcing police authorities to check vehicles. The townspeople lobbied the Mandi Municipal Corporation to develop adequate parking lots for their convenience, but nothing was done.

OP Kapoor, Chairman of Citizens Council, Mandi, said: “Parking has become a major problem in Mandi. The number of vehicles increases every year but we do not have enough parking spaces to accommodate them.

The Citizens Council has been lobbying the government as well as the local urban body for many years to develop car parks inside and outside the city.

However, little has been done in this regard.

“Traffic congestion in the city is also due to the non-availability of parking lots on the outskirts of the city. The foundation stone for two car parks was laid but the projects could not see the light of day for one reason or another,” Kapoor said.

“We had suggested to the authorities concerned to call on experts from IIT-Mandi to find a solution to the problem, but nothing materialized. The parking of vehicles at the time of emergency is a huge problem in the city, which should be dealt with as a priority. Parking at the Zone Hospital is a nightmare. We have raised this issue several times with Rogi Kalyan Samiti and the Chief Medical Officer but no solution has been found,” he added.

Narender Saini, a resident, said that in addition to developing parking lots in Mandi town, there is a need to make it mandatory for residents to have their own parking lot before buying a new car.

Virender Bhatt, Deputy Mayor of Mandi Municipal Corporation, said, “A parking lot with a capacity of 600 vehicles is under construction in the school bazaar area. A sum of Rs 1 crore was sanctioned for parking at Purani Mandi.

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins