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Owner of downtown Springfield parking lot talks about next steps

Lagos has owned the garage since 1993 and cited aging infrastructure and expensive maintenance as a major factor in the decision to demolish the structure and turn it into a parking lot as well as add green space as part of the project.

The concrete parking lot was built in the 1960s and housed over 300 parking spaces. In terms of maintenance, Lagos said it has been expensive over the years, with millions of dollars spent on pothole repairs alone.

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This work is the result of salt from car tires in the garage, which corrodes the rebar inside the building and causes the concrete to “splinter” over time.

Following the demolition process, the idea is to create a parking lot that will be used by both Bushnell Building employees as well as those who frequent the Bushnell Event Center.

Lagos said he is still considering the costs of demolishing the parking lot as well as creating the new parking lot.

He said the parking lot will have a single entrance and exit on North Limestone Street and noted that it will be more accessible for employees and guests of the Bushnell building as well as the events center.

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