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Parking lots still ban Chevy Bolts due to fire hazard

Knowing that a car could spontaneously catch fire is far from a comforting thought, but until General Motors rolls out a fix for its Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV models, that’s exactly what they can continue to do. to do. GM recommends that before the fix (possibly a battery replacement) is applied to affected vehicles, owners be advised to keep the state of charge within certain limits and not to park the vehicle indoors.

And now, various parking lots across the United States are targeting electric bolts with a ban. Signs have appeared in many places explicitly stating that a given parking location prohibits these vehicles from being parked there, citing obvious concerns about the risk of fire and the ongoing recall of these models.

People are now reporting that such signs are being installed in places like Nashville, Tennessee, where such a sign is present in the parking lot of the public library. Another was reported outside a parking lot in Charleston, South Carolina, and another was spotted in Long Beach, California, in the parking lot next to the city courthouse. We also covered an older report from San Francisco.

There are probably many more in the area, but they have not been photographed. The ones in Nashville and Charleston have been broken and they explicitly say that for safety reasons or because of the battery fire recall they do not allow any bolts to enter. It also appears to be all parking garages, places where GM told Bolt EV and Bolt EUV owners not to take their vehicles anyway, but it seems the manufacturer’s recommendation was not enough.

More recently, GM has also asked Bolt owners to park at least 50 feet from other parked vehicles, in an effort to prevent larger scale fires. In mid-September, it was announced that GM and battery maker LG Chem were working together on a solution to the problem, most likely a new battery that eliminates the risk of fire; all affected bolts should get this free battery replacement once it becomes available.

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