Parking spaces

Parking spaces, oil drilling and university debt

Doubling the parking spaces is a bad move

City of Oyster Bay is considering a zoning change that will double the number of parking lots required for industrial facilities [“Code change reservations,” News, May 17]. As a director of one of Long Island’s largest and busiest commercial brokerage firms specializing solely in industrial facilities, I consider this not only unnecessary but highly restrictive for new developments and redevelopments. This would have a very negative economic impact on the surrounding businesses of the city. Just walk past any industrial warehouse and you’ll quickly see how underutilized the parking lots are. If the city believes there is a potential parking problem, perhaps they should consider a more reasonable increase (10% to 20%) in the parking requirement. Increasing the parking requirement by 100% is like trying to kill a mosquito with a hammer.

Jeff Schwartzberg, Massapequa

Biden has OKd more drilling than Trump

A reader accused President Joe Biden of ‘stopping various means of domestic oil production’ [“Clean energy is part of LI’s best future,” Letters, May 16]. In fact, Biden has approved more national drilling permits than former President Donald Trump. Due to an expected drop in oil prices, oil companies, like those in Texas, are refusing to restart full oil drilling production for fear of losing money.

Pete Scott, Central Harbor

Mull alternatives to college

I have a unique view of student loans and the university in general [“Dealing with student loan debt,” Letters, May 6]. We need to stop obsessing over college – it’s being touted as a panacea. We also need to advocate for alternatives to college, such as trade school, and — I know this sounds strange — maybe the military.

Joe Domhan, West Babylon

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