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San Antonio Zoo President in awe of parking lot structure

The San Antonio Zoo installed the zoo’s second lime green sign on the side of its parking lot visible from US 281 on Wednesday.

Additional artwork will be installed to complement the structure’s design in the coming weeks, said Tim Morrow, president and CEO of the zoo.

“We talked about wanting this to be an iconic building in San Antonio, and being able to make an iconic building out of a parking lot is a job well done by the architects, designers and team at the zoo, who all worked on it. “, did he declare.

There are currently three large giraffes on the structure, and next to being installed are a large tiger and several monarch butterflies, Morrow said. He said tests were also underway for the nighttime lighting. The panels will be backlit and the giraffes will be illuminated by ground lighting.

“It is perhaps the most beautiful parking lot on the planet!” he tweeted.

Looking natural and beautiful was the goal when designing the five-level garage, the zoo said. There is a lot of greenery and trees surrounding and growing on the structure.

The zoo unveiled the exterior design of the parking lot around the same time last year, but began installing the artwork last month. The delays were due to the manufacturing process of the large panels and animals.

“They stalled a bit because of all the rain we had in May, and now we have seen [construction] start to resume, ”he said.

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The animals selected on the structure represent conservation efforts around the world, Morrow said. Giraffes will represent efforts across Africa, the tiger will represent efforts in Asia, and butterflies will highlight efforts in San Antonio and the rest of North America.

Those who visit the San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Park, or any of the surrounding sites can park in the garage for free as city funds were used to build it. Inside the garage, visitors will find colorful artwork and animal facts on every parking level.

“We try to make it fun and educational, inside and out,” Morrow said.

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