Parking spaces

‘Southbourne needs more parking spaces, not less’

Finally, Bournemouth planners appear to have come to their senses, rejecting plans to build flats in the small car park. (Southbourne Crossroads car park)

It would appear that apartments would be out of the price range for most locals anyway, once again attracting second home buyers who only use the property part of the year.

There is no mention of parking spaces, and sooner all planners would mandate at least two parking spaces per apartment or house, then at least there would be less ‘on-road’ parking.

This should apply to all new developments.

I believe I read a while ago that underground parking was mentioned for these apartments? What madness. So close to the unstable cliffs and cracks already appearing on the opposite zigzag – then we have the road cracking and sinking.

At present we have parking on the road, and even at this time of year it is full. Where do all the other people go to park in the summer when the Bistro on the Beach was developed?

All the roads in the area are filled with cars or have the dreaded yellow lines.

If anything, Southbourne needs more parking spaces, not less.

New beach development could make Southbourne beach the new Sandbanks.

We will have all the facilities, golden sand, beautiful food facilities, restrooms, showers etc. – but with nowhere to park, people will give up and move on.

Please Bournemouth Council and planners don’t waste money on new beach development unless you provide the parking facilities to take advantage of it.

If anything, turn our small parking lot into multiple stories and cheer on vacationers and even locals at our end of the beach.


Springfield Avenue, Southbourne

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins