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The Spring Street parking garage will be renovated to add a new elevator and have fully automated ticketing/payment options. Photo of PJ by Dennis Phillips

Automated tickets/payments and a new elevator are just some of the changes coming to Spring Street parking in Jamestown.

Mayor Eddie Sundquist said that by the end of the year, the Spring Street location should be fully automated for tickets/payments instead of one person handling the structure.

“We are moving to a new model with fully automated ramps”, he said. “There will be automatic machines and a virtual assistant in case something goes wrong.”

Sundquist said city officials were already hoping to have the Spring Street parking lot automated, but there were supply chain issues last year that prevented the change. He said the Cherry Street car park will also become automatic.

Last month, Jamestown City Council approved a resolution to purchase a new elevator for the Spring Street parking lot for $410,000. Sundquist said he doesn’t know when the new elevator will be installed, but it’s an upgrade that’s definitely needed.

“It will depend on when the parts arrive. It depends on the weather conditions and the parts,” he said. “We’ve had conversations with our supplier and he thinks most (supplies) are available, but that’s definitely a concern. We have found that sometimes items are available and sometimes (supplies) are now part of the supply chain problem. I wish there was more predictability.

City officials have been discussing improvements to the Spring Street parking garage since the fall of 2020. Improvements that have been made or will be made include 90 square feet of beam repairs; 50 square feet of carbon beam repairs; 50 square feet of concrete column upgrades; 135 square feet of concrete wall repairs; 163 square feet of concrete slab repairs; Replacement of 1,825 square foot concrete slabs; 2,000 linear feet of concrete crack repair; new light fixtures, new circulation membrane; and new line stripes.

The cost of the concreting work totals $798,734 and $172,880 for the access equipment. Including the elevator, the total cost of the renovation project is $1,492,880.

Sundquist said that to accompany the structural improvements, a beautification project will also take place on the Spring Street parking ramp. He said the city received a $5,000 grant that will be used to pay an artist to paint murals inside the parking ramp stairwell.

“In addition to the physical work required, we will also beautify the ramp using the grant we received,” he said. “We’ve heard from people who use the ramps that we need to work to upgrade our parking structures. The Spring Street ramp needed it the most.

Last year, Jeff Lehman, the city’s director of public works, said 2009 was the last time major renovations took place at the Spring Street parking lot.

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