Parking garage

The city installs a solar lighting system for the parking lot

The Town of Oyster Bay announced that the installation of solar lighting systems on the upper level of the Hicksville suburban parking garage has achieved a major milestone: a carbon offset of 10,883 pounds, which equals 6 acres of forest absorbing carbon dioxide.

“When I first took office, one of my top priorities was to transform the town of Oyster Bay into a local leader in renewable energy initiatives. The use of solar panels on the Hicksville suburban car park has already saved taxpayers money and also helps save our environment as we recognize a carbon offset of 10,833 pounds,” the city supervisor said. ‘Oyster Bay, Joseph Saladino. “From solar panels on the garage that reduce our carbon footprint, to the use of LED streetlights and same-day solar permits for homeowners, Oyster Bay is leading the way to a brighter, cleaner and renewable future.”

This installation work, completed during the renovation of the garage, replaced the luminaires that were connected to the electricity grid with 20 Ilumient Smart Off-Grid lighting systems on the roof. Replacing the old conduit wiring for the mains-connected lights would have required drilling through the cement structure of the parking garage. Not only is this expensive, but it could have compromised the structural integrity of the garage. Installing these wireless-powered, remotely managed lighting systems eliminated this need to replace wiring, while maintaining durability, reliability, and aesthetics.

Supervisor Saladino said, “Smart off-grid lighting enables remote control, monitoring and management of lighting systems, ensuring our residents high reliability and low maintenance costs. Additionally, this smart off-grid lighting allows service personnel to optimize lighting profiles, such as dimming lights during extended periods of inclement weather to conserve battery power, and also includes monitoring and automated alerts.

Deena S. Hawkins

The author Deena S. Hawkins