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Van Ostenbridge opposes Holmes Beach parking ban

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paul reed
JUNE 22, 2022 • Leave AMI alone. stop the 5 million which is 5 million to be spent on the kingfisher boat launch and cutting down 61 trees there. After 27 years on AMI, we are ready to go. Too many people in a small space.
David Levin
JUNE 20, 2022 • Just corporate wellness for developers. They’re posing as Republicans, but it’s just a Halloween cosplay. I will say this, Little Kevy looks like Lord Varys the eunuch from Game of Thrones – meme coming soon! Buck gets ten jobs from Kathy and Ray for the developers one way or another.
Kathy T.
JUNE 20, 2022 • I agree with Ray, we need to keep up with and develop the growing population and their rights as beachgoers. Whether tourists or residents. Also, parking garages are no different from the huge rental condominiums that are allowed to build. Just a suggestion, but instead of just the builder making a profit, maybe a certain percentage of the profit should be spent on beach preservation to even be allowed to build parking lots. Something to discuss that would benefit the earth as well as the people.
Carol Ann Felt Pens
JUNE 19, 2022 • No matter how we try to stretch it, the islands can only handle so many people and traffic before they ruin what people want to go there in the first place. Island cities have formed to protect their communities and the citizens who live there, with a decent respect for their guests as rendered, and reliance on funds from this and other sources to maintain their environment for all . The art of being a statesman is to reach an honorable compromise and solutions, without denying the inevitable or inflicting new unproductive conflicts.
hong kong
JUNE 19, 2022 • The island is as big as the island. They can put 5 parking garages there and as soon as the county approves building east there will still never be enough parking. It looks like an exercise in futility that will only ruin the quality of the island. Trying to think of other islands/keys in the area that have public parking lots…no, I can’t think of any. There may be a reason for this.
Katie Pierola
JUNE 19, 2022 • Here we go again, Commissioner Van Ostenbridge threatens the town of Holmes Beach for state appropriations for the storm water problem. He still wants the parking lot. His job as District 3 Commissioner is to help them. The 3 cities should levy 1% more on the tourist tax for infrastructure. Tourism development gets 3% and doesn’t need it. Their marketing tool is AMI beach. If they only got 2%, it might slow down traffic + parking. Please, the mayors of the island are fighting for that extra penny! Fl lawmakers must take Fl’s coastline as gospel.
Russell Owens
JUNE 19, 2022 • The island has about as much population and construction as it can support. What are the environmental issues of placing such a large, heavy building on what is mostly a sandbar? The best solution to this problem is a shuttle for day users with a garage on the mainland.
Arthur Tooth
JUNE 19, 2022 • Anyone who objects to kids visiting the beach on a sunny Florida afternoon is just plain unethical. The rest of the discussion is just noise meant to distract you from the real issue. Families should be able to use public beaches. That’s all. There is nothing more.
David Daniel
JUNE 19, 2022 • Hooray for Mayor Titsworth! You go girl…and continue down a path to a Manatee County District 3 race to topple a pompous, arrogant, uncivil, and indifferent commissioner. When a person writes to VanOstenbridge – his response is always a few cut-and-paste words that mean he doesn’t care what his constituents say. It’s not like he gets so many letters he doesn’t have time. Leave me alone. He must go !!
JUNE 19, 2022 • REAP what you sow in manatee county….the chair is a LOSER…he has a takeover mind and the chair title went to his head…then we have an ethics complaints individual whose lips continue to lie… then we have a drunken individual whose dui investigation takes 2 months to determine when his wife aided and aided her drunken husband and was ALLOWED to bring him back home while other normal citizens would be in jail with bail and a lawyer…then we have a preacher boy who should have stayed a preacher or saved prostitutes and wrote bounced checks…HOPES will continue to ‘to be hopeless…Maybe there will be investigations by OUTSIDE AGENCIES…something positive has to happen in our county.
JUNE 19, 2022 • Citizens should be informed that this demagoguery by the KVO started because the mayor would not endorse any candidate for county commissioner in 2020. He entered his new role as commissioner with a chip on his shoulder from the beginning not for the reasons of helping to govern the citizens. Just look at any motion he has made in 2020. Unfortunately for him, he has no mind of his own and is just ruled by those he owes for campaign finance. It’s quite sad because if he had really taken a step back and thought about it, he could have made a difference instead of silencing those who want to debate.
David Levin
JUNE 19, 2022 • Obviously benefits the developer who requested it the most. Wants to pour concrete everywhere in paradise.
Rick Lewis
JUNE 19, 2022 • Short man syndrome refers to a condition in which a man feels inadequate due to his short stature and may try to compensate for it with overly aggressive behavior. The syndrome is often called Napoleon complex in reference to the famous military leader
JUNE 19, 2022 • It is evident that a parking garage on county-owned Holmes Beach property would benefit the citizens of Manatee County on the mainland. I have lived at Holmes Beach three times over many years and yes the island has changed and so has Manatee County. We have to accept that change is not necessarily good or bad, it is right and you have to adapt and adapt to the times you live in. Limiting beach access by preventing a parking option on county owned land seems pretty selfish and mean to me. . On a different note, how about the County Commission address the Coquina Beach parking debacle. About 1/3 of the public parking spaces are not usable due, I am told, to the bankruptcy of the contractor who worked on the site. It’s been going on for about a year and no one is saying anything about it.

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Deena S. Hawkins

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