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Watch SC Police Dogpile on 9ft Alligator in Parking Garage

A 9-foot alligator snuck into the parking lot of an apartment complex in South Carolina on Friday, May 20, but it’s what happened next that has people talking on social media.

A video shared May 23 by the Charleston Police Department shows Animal Control Supervisor Courtney Bayles subduing the reptile by literally jumping on its back like a professional wrestler.

Two guys then jumped on Bayles to stop the alligator from knocking her down.

It was then that two other people grabbed the alligator by the snout and began to tape its mouth shut.

All this happens in just 30 seconds.

The video got more than 20,000 views on Facebook in less than a day, and many commenters are praising Bayles for allowing herself to be crushed in the name of animal control.


“I feel like that woman in the front pulled a straw,” Matchew Allean wrote on Facebook.

“Kudos to the female officer at the bottom of the pile for supporting the weight (over 400 pds.) of male officers on her while trying to restrain the suspect!” said Matt Dailey.

“Charleston PD gator wrestling team, where I sign up,” Joshua Perryman said.

A resident of the apartment complex is credited with finding the alligator. The tenant was walking a dog around 3 p.m. Friday, got out of an elevator in the garage, and sat there, police said. The resident alerted the apartment staff and they called the police dispatchers.

After being captured, the alligator was carried “a short distance” from the apartments and released unharmed into a pond, police officials said.

Spring is mating season for alligators in the southeast, which means males stray from familiar territory in search of females. This is the second time this month that an alligator has turned up in the wrong place on Daniel Island, including one stuck at the Daniel Island school.

A 9-foot alligator counts as an adult, but it grows much larger in the state, reaching up to 13 feet, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

How the alligator entered a parking lot has not been revealed, but some commentators have admitted the possibilities are frightening.

“Imagine parking your car next to this guy,” Ben Marks wrote on Facebook.


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