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What is the worst parking lot in Atlanta? Name your (least) favourite!

In a city like Atlanta, where public transportation options are limited, parking lots are still considered a necessary evil.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t outdated, unsightly, soulless, disengaging, off-putting, and uninspired trash of the primo urban space. Especially when they seem to be rotting.

In the spirit of March Madness and fun competitive tournaments, it’s time to determine which of Atlanta’s parking lots is the most horrible of them all. (There’s no shortage of car closets to choose from here, unfortunately, especially downtown.)

But first, dear readers, we need your help in determining the inglorious field of candidates!

Serious contender for a No. 1 seed at 31 Baker Street. Google Maps

Feel free to name any parking structure within the Atlanta city limits, or very close to the city limits, that irritates you for some reason. Think of structures that are the opposite of inviting, the antithesis of bustling storefronts and parks, built only to inhale vehicles and spit them out.

Bonus points if you include a clear photo of the parking pile or podium you hate. At the very least, please provide the (approximate) address and a description, to ensure we are on the same page.

Put the nominations in the comments below, email the advice line or contact us via Twitter or facebook.

The nominations will determine the size of the field and the structure of the tournament. Tentative plans are to start the elimination rounds early next week. Cheers!

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