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Wyndham Street gets new corner parking spaces

Corner parking came from one side of Wyndham Street North.

The change sees 34 corner parking spaces on the west side of the street between Woolwich Street and Quebec Street, rising to 41 when patio season ends and on-street patios in the Wyndham section are removed.

This is an addition of 21 new spaces to the previous 20 spaces on the west side of Wyndham Street.

Previously, the street had parallel parking on both sides of the street. Wyndham Street will be reconfigured into two lanes, one lane in each direction with corner parking to the west and the original parallel parking remaining to the east.

This is only a temporary parking solution, as parking will return to parallel and there will again be four lanes, two in each direction, in late summer 2023.

“In order to implement the inclined parking bays, we had to reduce the width of the lanes just to accommodate the width required for the inclined parking bays and to make everything work,” said Paul Hutchison, supervisor of city ​​traffic engineering and transportation services.

He said the corner parking on both sides of the street would be too tight, even with the space of the lane setback.

The usual two-hour limit remains in place.

“There’s definitely a desire for more parking in the area, especially with the Baker Street project going on, so we’re really trying to add parking spaces where we can help manage that,” he said. said Hutchison.

Baker Street previously had a municipal parking lot and there was the Wyndham Street parking lot, both closed October 1, 2021. There is now a construction site on the old parking lots to build the Baker District. In an article previously reported by GuelphToday, businesses in the area expressed concerns about the lack of parking spaces for their customers once the parking lots have closed.

The Baker District development will include a new main library, two buildings for 371 residential units, commercial and public spaces.

The site will also have 156 parking spaces.

Deena S. Hawkins

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