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You ask, we answer: Will the Fairfax Pool add more handicapped parking? | You ask, we answer

CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – It’s time to dive into another edition of You Ask, We Answer. Friday’s question comes from Marsha Robinson, who has spent more time in the Fairfax pool parking lot than in the water.

“I’ve been here several times and left in tears because the parking spaces are full,” Robinson said.

Robinson bought a season pass at Fairfax Pool in 2020, but she hasn’t used it much.

“I only went there twice because there were no parking spaces available,” she said.

Robinson uses disabled parking due to his ailing knee and heart, but in Fairfax only four of the 160 locations are marked as accessible.

Hoping that a space would become available, she would wait in the main parking lot in the summer.

“I would wait about 15 or 20 minutes,” Robinson said. “And then I would decide that there will be no one leaving. Most people come to the pool for a day session or a day swim.”

Assistant city engineer Leah Ness said the number of accessible booths is based on Wisconsin laws.

“Based on state law, 2% of booths must be accessible to people with disabilities based on the number of booths in the lot,” Ness said.

But for Robinson, the bare minimum is not enough.

She said it’s not just old people like her who need these places. Young disabled children like her granddaughters also use them.

“We end up taking two cars, and that’s two out of four seats we would need,” Robinson said.

“At this location, we weren’t aware of the need for additional accessible stalls,” Ness said. “We notice our parking lots on an annual to semi-annual basis, depending on the wear of the paint, so it is something that we can adjust.

So the answer is yes.’ The city plans to add additional ADA locations by scouting the land before the pool opens in June.

“Being able to go in the pool would be a pleasure,” Robinson said.

Ness said Robinson’s concern prompted officials to review the need for additional accessible stalls at other city-owned facilities.

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