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“You Could Buy A Mansion In Tulsa”: Boston Parking Spaces Listed At $ 225,000 Gets Attention On TikTok, Twitter

A pair of Boston parking spots listed for $ 225,000 grabbed attention on TikTok and Twitter this week.

“Two parking spaces in a tandem space located on the upper level in the garage of the Wilkes passage”, the Red end list of states.

Social media users quickly spotted the list.

“What’s going on in Boston these days,” Zillowgonewild account creator TikTok said. “Why is it so expensive? You could buy a mansion in Tulsa instead of this one if you wanted.

The account also tweeted about the parking spots, getting a number of reactions.

“I can’t understand the concept of 2 parking spots in Boston selling for the estimated value of my entire 1,700 square foot 4-bedroom home,” one person tweeted.

“If I had $ 225,000 available to pay for a parking space, I would just buy a new car whenever I needed to drive somewhere and leave it on the street whenever I was done driving.” , another person tweeted.

Some have also noted the HOA fee of $ 178.86.

“So wait until it’s $ 225,000 for the spaces and then pay $ 179 per month for the ‘HOA’ fees,” one person asked. “Besides, you have to shuffle your cars if you have to drive the one in the front slot …” noted that it was originally classified as a ‘rare find’ by

“This house is $ 774,000 less than most South End homes – visit it before it goes missing!” the SEO site said earlier this week, which has since been deleted, according to

“Me, looking at real estate in Boston: oh yes, here is an affordable place near Longwood! * after clicking * oop, no it’s a parking spot, nvm, ”a Twitter user said.

Of course, the $ 225 parking spot isn’t the most expensive the city has known.

In 2015, a parking spot was listed for $ 650,000.

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